Felix Camacho and Tony Ada are experienced leaders you can trust who understand the challenges ahead and have a plan and a positive vision for Guam’s future — a vision of Guam renewed and strong. They know Guam’s potential that lays ahead. It will take honest results-oriented, trusted leadership to enact good policies for our people. They will provide it. Vote Camacho Ada for Governor and Lt. Governor in 2022!

We are all about Rising Together!

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Felix Camacho served as Guam’s 7th Governor elected in November 2002 and re-elected in November 2006. He is the most qualified of all candidates to lead our island in these uncertain times. He has been tested and proven and his eight-year record as Governor is remarkable and accomplished.

Tony Ada is a five term Senator in the Guam Legislature with executive branch experience under two Governors of Guam. He too is tested and proven as a community and business leader committed to protecting every citizen regardless of their station in life.